Where Do I Buy Window Well Covers?

Look no further than Mountainland Covers! Once you’ve decided that you need some, you’re probably wondering how and where to buy window well covers because it’s not a familiar process to most. We don’t want you to have to worry or stress about how to order your covers or install them. In fact, the only time you really have to lift a finger is to place your order.

Place Your Order

Once you have decided on which window well covers you want, you can start the order process by whichever method is most convenient for you: call, text message, email or by ordering here through our secure website. Since it’s easier for some people to call after hours, we’ve added the ordering capability to our website just this year! This allows you the convenience of ordering after business hours, on weekend and holidays too. To get things rolling we do require a $50 deposit so that we know you want your covers and you’re not just researching still. After the initial deposit is made, we create a job order and schedule one of our technician to visit your home to measure your wells and take exact cardboard templates of each one that you want covered. We try to get out there as quickly as possible and can usually get everything templated within a week.

Schedule a Visit

Once the deposit and scheduling is done you’ll receive an email confirmation from us letting you know when we will be out to measure. Your deposit is refundable until 24 hours prior to the day we come out to take your templates. When we make this first visit you don’t even need to be home as long as we have a way to get to the window wells and make your templates.

Custom Made Window Well Covers

At that point we’ll have everything we need to start making your custom window well covers. We’ve perfected our manufacturing process over the years and it includes our custom two-stage dipping process. When you buy window well covers from Mountainland we want to make sure your covers last, so we use a high-strength polyurethane enamel to coat our steel window well covers. Lesser covers are made with a spray on powder coating. We’ve tested that as well, but when you’ve been doing this as long as we have it’s easy to see that better results come from our immersion process. Powder coating steel mesh covers prevents you from being able to weld angles and joints adequately enough to get everything covered. The last thing you want is bare steel that can rust and compromise the strength and durability of the cover. Our two-stage dipping process, developed over a period of 10 years, is without question the best coating process in the industry. This doesn’t apply to the clear polycarbonate window well covers of course. But with those ones we use aircraft grade aluminum and a UV-resistant custom sheet of clear polycarbonate. We don’t skimp on materials so that our clear covers can withstand as much weight as our steel covers, more than 400 pounds!

sparks fly as a cover is cut
Each cover is hand crafted to fit to your window wells.


The last step after getting your window well covers made is to install them. You’ll receive an email notification prior to the installation so that you can be there when we are. However, you don’t need to be available when we come as long as we have your payment on file. We know you’re busy so we try to make it as convenient for you as possible. If you can’t be there, don’t sweat it! You can come home to nice new window well covers installed and secure. After we finish the install we’ll get the final payment, remind you that you have a lifetime structural guarantee and that’s it!

Refer a Friend!

Our customers love our covers and we work off of a lot of referrals. If you want to refer us to friends and family who also need to cover the holes around their homes, but don’t know where to buy window well covers, we hope you’ll send them to Mountainland!

If you are ready to buy window well covers custom made for your home, click here now.

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