Window Well Accessories

Add an extra layer of protection to your home with window well ladders and locks. Window well ladders allow for quick escape from your basement windows while our window well locks prevent intruders from entering. With ladders and locks, you’ll be sure to have easy access out of your window wells when you need and keep them securely locked when you don’t.


window well accessories - ladders

A window well ladder makes easy entry and exit of your window wells. We recommend having ladders in all your wells and some city code even requires it for safety reasons.

Available in:

  • 3-step
  • 4-step
  • 5-step

Lockdown System

window well acessories - lockdowns

Lockdown systems give you that extra layer of security to keep people from easily lifting the cover from the outside. The lockdown is easily opened from the inside if you need to get out quick.


  • Easily removed from the inside to allow for escape in an emergency.
  • Added level of security

All of our window well accessories are designed to the highest standards to last as long as your covers do. If you ever need to get into or out of your window wells, then a ladder is the best way to go. You don’t always need a quick exit or entry, but you’ll be glad you have a window well ladder when you do need to. Plus, it’s much safer to use than trying to maneuver in and out without one. In an emergency, it creates an easy way for kids to get out as well.
Our window well locking system deters people from getting  in too easily. Intruders will always look for the easiest access point. Don’t make your window wells that easy option by leaving them unprotected. Our window well locks are designed to easily unlatch from the inside so that you don’t have to fumble with it in case you need to get out quick! It can be unlocked by adults and children from the inside, while staying securely away from anyone on the outside.
It’s best to order your window well accessories when you order your covers, but you can order them any time you need. Contact Mountainland Covers if you have any questions about our window well accessories and what you might need for your home or office.

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