Mountainland Covers EZ Lift System

Delivery in 2-3 weeks


Getting the right window well accessories will ensure that you have easy access in and out of your window wells when needed and that they are locked down the rest of the time.

The Mountainland Covers EZ Lift System provides you with a cover that is simple to open and simple to close. With the EZ lift system attached to your window well covers, just 2-3 lbs of force lifts your cover as the hydraulic arms at each end lift the cover and hold it in place. To close the window well cover back up again, just gently push the cover back down.

*The Mountainland EZ Lift is exclusive to the Mountainland Window Well Covers system.


Easier Window Well Cover Access

If not properly covered, your window well covers can pose a liability to your home and your safety. Mountainland Cover’s custom-fit covers provide you and yours with an effective means of preventing those you care about from falling into your window wells but also keeps people out as well. Whether you use your window well covers for security and keeping people out of your home, or you use your covers as a safety measure for your home and preventing injury from falls, we know that having an easier way to open your wells can be a huge help when it comes to accessing them.

Not all window well covers are created equally, however. Covers from other companies can be made from cheap materials that build a cover that can be too big or too small for your window well. But Mountainland Covers creates custom-fit covers that fit snug to your window well, preventing any damage to your window well from the cover itself. All of our covers are a true custom-fit to each of your wells.  Our covers fit snugly to the inside lip of your wells so there is no sliding when you step or stand on our covers.  Over the years our customers have asked us for increased ease of use in removing and replacing our covers.

The Mountainland Covers EZ Lift System

After more than a year of research and development, the EZ lift system is now available and ready for purchase. The Mountainland EZ lift system was developed as a simple add-on to your window well cover. Just like all of our Mountainland window well accessories, the EZ Lift System was designed in-house by our team of engineers and is built specifically for your window well covers. The EZ Lift System provides you with a simple way of both opening and closing your window well covers.

With our EZ Lift System, opening and closing a window well cover is so simple that a child can do it. Using its signature hydraulic arm design, the EZ Lift System only requires 2 to 3 pounds of force in order to lift the cover off the window well and the same amount of pressure to return the cover to its starting position. The EZ lift provides an easy escape if you’re caught downstairs during an emergency or when it’s time to wash those basement windows.

Order Your Mountainland EZ Lift System Now

The only thing easier than using the EZ lift system is purchasing one. Just add your EZ Lift to your order at checkout for your window well covers and our experienced technicians will install it when we deliver your custom-fit covers. While you’re preparing your order, make sure that you take a look at our other accessories like locks and ladders.

At Mountainland Window Well Covers we only sell products custom fit window well covers and accessories we have designed and engineered ourselves in order to ensure the highest quality window well covers and accessories at a competitive price. Start your order today and get your own custom-built window well cover and an EZ Lift System to go along with your window well covers!

All Mountainland Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Order was taken over the phone; extremely friendly, explained the process, notified via text messages and e-mails; covers arrived and put on – they fit like a glove! I absolutely love them and their business expertise surely made the process an excellent choice.

Kathleen Craig

Working with Mountainland Covers has been a great experience from start to finish. They are prompt, helpful, easy to work with, and so friendly. This, combined with their superior product has made for a unique and completely satisfying experience. After building my dream home, I only wish that more of my subcontractors would’ve been like Mountainland Covers. Great team, great business ethic, great product, and great customer service! A perfect 5 Stars!!

Dave Hoffman

So easy! We wanted to get covers for two of our basement wells. I went to the Mountainland Covers website to find out more information and saw how easy the process was, so I provided my info, picked out my options and paid the initial deposit, all online.

I was contacted shortly after that by email with a confirmation and approximate timeframe of when they would come out and make the templates. The best thing was that I didn’t have to wait around to be there in person. They came and went before I knew it.

About two weeks later, when the covers were ready, they contacted me about the install date and again came and went without me needing to be there. It was all so easy!

We just got the plain metal mesh covers and they look great! They fit well and they support my weight without flexing. We are very pleased with the company, their process and their products.

Tom Cowden