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Our Process

Mountainland Window Well Covers makes sure you get the best prices on the best custom window well covers with the best fit.

No Long Waits.

Creating and installing custom basement window well covers is a precise, tedious, and long task that Mountainland Window Well Covers has perfected the process. We have been installing window well covers in the Denver and Colorado Springs area of Colorado for over 15 years so it would only take us 2-3 weeks to cover your window well. Don’t be fooled by companies who claim to be quicker. Chances are that you’ll get an inferior product or will end up waiting longer than expected. Check online reviews, do a little research and you’ll see that Mountainland Covers is the best!

Best Processes.

With 15 years of manufacturing and installing window well covers, through trial and error we have perfected the process of giving you the best custom window well cover for the best price. We stand behind our window well covers as the only company to offer a lifetime structural guarantee on both our steel window well covers and our polycarbonate window well covers. We’ve learned more about structural rigidity than we need to know, but we’re confident in our processes. No other company builds covers the way we do or uses our two-stage dipping process. We can ensure consistent repeatable results.

More for Your Money.

You can find basement window well covers in all shapes and sizes that run the range of costs, some very cheap and some extremely expensive. As you look around you’ll see that Mountainland provides the best value for your money. We use quality materials and methods. We wouldn’t sell something that we wouldn’t use on our own homes. We understand that you want something that’s strong, but doesn’t weigh a ton. Something that can support hundreds of pounds, but still looks nice. Many companies build covers without even considering the egress functionality. This can be a safety hazard if you can’t get it open from the inside. Strength, durability, functionality, and aesthetics combine perfectly in our covers. We’ve removed more ugly, clunky, rusted, weak covers from more homes than we care to count and have a chuckle with customers as they exclaim, “What was I thinking before?” When it comes to overall value, we can’t be beaten! In fact, it is a sad but true fact that our happiest customers are the customers who have tried something else first. You’ll immediately see the difference between Mountainland’s custom made basement window well covers and any other. Do yourself a favor and make the smart choice the first time around.

Locally Owned.

Mountainland Covers is local to Colorado. We are born and bred in the land of the rocky mountains. Buying from Mountainland is supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this area so great! Mountainland basement window well covers already has 15 years behind us, but we plan on many more serving the great state of Colorado and helping protect your homes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

All Mountainland Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Order was taken over the phone; extremely friendly, explained the process, notified via text messages and e-mails; covers arrived and put on – they fit like a glove! I absolutely love them and their business expertise surely made the process an excellent choice.

Kathleen Craig

Working with Mountainland Covers has been a great experience from start to finish. They are prompt, helpful, easy to work with, and so friendly. This, combined with their superior product has made for a unique and completely satisfying experience. After building my dream home, I only wish that more of my subcontractors would’ve been like Mountainland Covers. Great team, great business ethic, great product, and great customer service! A perfect 5 Stars!!

Dave Hoffman

So easy! We wanted to get covers for two of our basement wells. I went to the Mountainland Covers website to find out more information and saw how easy the process was, so I provided my info, picked out my options and paid the initial deposit, all online.

I was contacted shortly after that by email with a confirmation and approximate timeframe of when they would come out and make the templates. The best thing was that I didn’t have to wait around to be there in person. They came and went before I knew it.

About two weeks later, when the covers were ready, they contacted me about the install date and again came and went without me needing to be there. It was all so easy!

We just got the plain metal mesh covers and they look great! They fit well and they support my weight without flexing. We are very pleased with the company, their process and their products.

Tom Cowden