Window Well Ladders and Locks

Getting the right window well accessories will ensure that you have easy access in and out of your window wells when needed and that they are locked down the rest of the time.

Mountainland Covers EZ Lift System


The Mountainland Covers EZ Lift System provides you with a cover that is simple to open and simple to close. With the EZ lift system attached to your window well covers, just 2-3 lbs of force lifts your cover as the hydraulic arms at each end lift the cover and hold it in place. To close the window well cover back up again, just gently push the cover back down.

The ease of this system makes entry and exit of your window well covers easier for you and your family. The EZ lift system can be added to your order and installed with new covers and is also available to previously installed Mountainland window well covers. The EZ lift works seamlessly with all other Mountainland Window Well Covers accessories including window well locks and ladders.

*The Mountainland EZ Lift is exclusive to the Mountainland Window Well Covers system.

Window Well Ladders


Our ladders are designed to easily guide you into or out of your window well. You don’t always need a quick exit or entry, but you’ll be glad you have a window well ladder when you do need to. In an emergency, it’s much safer to use a ladder than trying to maneuver in and out without one.

  • 3-step
  • 4-step
  • 5-step

Window Well Lockdown System


Lockdown systems give you that extra layer of security to keep people from easily lifting the cover from the outside. The lockdown is easily opened from the inside if you need to get out quick.

  • Easily removed from the inside to allow for escape in an emergency.
  • Added level of security

Designed to withstand anything and last an extensive amount of time, our window well accessories might be what your looking for. You don’t know when you will need a window well ladder or not, but safety being one of our primary concerns, there is no harm in having a ladder on hand for emergencies. Our ladders will make any emergency a smooth process.

Our window well locking system is the definition of safe. With its sleek design, any adult or child on the inside can simply and easily lock from the inside and keep any intruder out. Intruders always try to look for the easiest way to access your property, don’t let your window well be their access point.

If you have any questions about our window well accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mountainland Window Well Covers of Colorado.

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