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Here is your one stop shop to finding everything you need to know about window well covers. Browse through all the different options and choices you have before you finally make your window well cover purchase. Some frequently asked questions like: “How does a window well cover help keep your home secure?”, “What’s the difference in materials that can be used? Will the covers I want complement my landscaping?”, or “Should I get custom window well covers or just go with pre-made?” can be answered here. If you cant find what your looking for don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.

Custom vs DIY Window Well Covers

From bringing natural light into your basement to offering a backup escape route in case of emergencies, window wells are a handy feature to have attached to your home. But to protect window wells adequately, you need covers as well. The question is, should you go...

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The Importance of Having a Window Well Ladder

Window wells are a requirement for homes with basements. In fact, window wells legally must have enough space for a firefighter in full gear. But whether it’s you or emergency services trying to access your window well, having a window well ladder makes it easier to...

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What About a DIY Window Well Cover?

So, you’re a handyman. Or, maybe you’re not, but you decide that a DIY window well cover is the best way to go. After all, there’s something to be said about building, creating, installing that gives you a sense of pride in what you’re done as well as the money you’ve...

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Which Metal Window Well Covers are Best?

Do you realize how many different types of metal there are available for use in manufacturing? Lots. Iron, lead, copper, gold, aluminum, brass, just to name a few. Steel is an alloy metal, meaning it’s a mixture of more than one thing. It’s mostly iron, but combined...

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Get your window well covers Colorado and keep your home safe! As you’ve browsed our site and a lot of these frequently asked questions, you’ve been able to see why Mountainland Covers is consistently rated so high in products and customer service. We take our time in manufacturing window well covers very seriously so that you get exactly what you need – a top quality window well cover at an affordable price, done right, and looks aesthetically pleasing!