The Importance of Having a Window Well Ladder


Window wells are a requirement for homes with basements. In fact, window wells legally must have enough space for a firefighter in full gear. But whether it’s you or emergency services trying to access your window well, having a window well ladder makes it easier to go up and down.
But how do you know if you need a window well ladder? Chances are you do, and it’s better to have one just to be safe, but let’s look at how you can know for sure.

What is a Window Well Ladder?

First, a window well ladder, or an egress ladder, is an item that helps you, your family, or emergency services get up and down your window. It’s essential for worst-case scenarios.
Instead of struggling to boost your family up over the uncomfortable corners of a window well, ladders provide easier access. Having an egress ladder is especially important if you have deep window wells.

Do You Need One?

By law, if a window well is more than 44-inches deep, you must have a window well ladder. This isn’t something that’s included if you build a home, though. As the homeowner, it falls on you to ensure your home is up to code.
Take a few seconds to measure your window well. And then measure again. If you meet the requirements but don’t have a ladder, it’s important to install one immediately. Even if you don’t meet the legal requirements, however, a ladder makes your home safer. Period.

Where Can You Get a Ladder?

You can get a custom-made window well ladder from Mountainland Covers. We design our ladders to meet your window well specifications and make sure it fits properly. We will take all the necessary measurements and make a ladder to fit your window well. That’s it! There’s no guesswork and you can rest easy knowing that your home is covered in case of an emergency.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give Mountainland Covers a call today to learn how we can get your window well ladders installed.