Steel window well covers are most likely the ones that come to mind when you are considering custom covers for your basement wells. They’re affordable, look good and offer great protection. This makes them a popular choice for most home owners. Let’s take a look at what to expect with steel window well covers.

Strongest Covers Available

Compared to plastic and even polycarbonate covers, steel window well covers offer the rigid strength that you can only get from this strong metal. A custom welded cover from Mountainland can easily hold 300 pounds of weight. A plastic cover would likely snap under the same amount of weight and a polycarbonate cover may bend because even though it’s pretty strong, it’s more flexible. Ask to see a cover before you buy! This way you can feel for yourself the strength of the material used. Some companies use cheaper, thinner steel mesh or don’t properly weld the covers leaving vulnerabilities. You know you’re getting great quality from Mountainland Covers with our lifetime structural guarantee.

Lets Light Shine Through

If you’re like most people, you want to let as much natural light into your basement as possible. While clear plastic or polycarbonate covers will let more light through, the design of our steel window well covers is meant to let as much light through as possible while still keeping it’s tensile strength. If you don’t want any light coming through at all – say, for a theater room – let us know and we can help you design something that will block more sun light.

Get a Lot of Rain?

If you’re worried about rain, snow or other moisture getting into your window wells, you probably want to avoid steel window well covers. Even polycarbonate and plastic covers are not 100% waterproof, but they’ll keep out a lot more water when it rains because of their solid design. Steel window well covers with a diamond pattern design won’t keep out much water at all. If this is a concern, you may want to opt for something besides steel.

Fresh Air Flow

One of our favorite ways to relax is by an open window with a comfortable breeze blowing through. Steel covers allow a maximum amount of air to flow through so that you can still enjoy some fresh air in your basement without having to open or remove the cover itself. Keeping your window wells full of fresh air also helps to prevent  fogging of your windows.

No Jagged Edges

One easy way to spot a cheaply constructed steel cover is by looking at the diamond mesh pattern. You will often see bits of jagged steel in between the diamonds where the pattern wasn’t cut cleanly. You want a smooth pattern. If you stick your finger through the diamond holes and get scratched or cut, that’s a flaw that could easily injure an unsuspecting child or pet. We have replaced many covers for people who have had this problem with the window well covers they got from other companies.

Paint Them

Most often we see black covers. It’s a good neutral color that looks good in most settings. However, we have seen people paint theirs brown, white, grey and other colors to match their landscaping better. Painting our covers won’t sacrifice the integrity or harm them at all. Feel free to get creative!

Our 2-Stage Process

Some companies don’t coat their covers at all, others do to middling success. No other company uses our special 2-stage dipping process. We’ve perfected this over the years and know all of the drying times, coating options and techniques, as well as failings of powder coating.  Our steel window well covers are coated to perfection to withstand the elements and keep the metal protected from the weather. they also feel nice and smooth to the touch!