What Can You Do to Prevent Your Basement Window Well From Leaking This Winter?


Depending on where you live, winter can mean increased levels of moisture and precipitation which, depending on how well your basement window wells were installed, can mean leakage and basement water damage. A leaking basement window is not something you want to leave unaddressed for long as it can lead to mold, rotting studs, and more. Even just replacing the drywall can be problematic and costly.
In other words, it’s a small problem that results in a big mess.
If you’ve got a basement window well leaking, don’t assume it’s a minor problem or that it will go away on its own. Do one of these four things to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Waterproof the Window

In a large number of cases, the problem lies with the window itself, or with how it was installed. Remedying this is pretty simple—it’s just a matter of improving the waterproofing. Caulk around the window, add weather stripping, and make sure the whole thing is sealed up tight. For light leakage, this is often enough.

Improve Drainage

For a window well without a drain, the functionality of your passive drainage is critical. Water that comes in needs somewhere to go, and if you’re not providing that, it will find its way through your window.
There are several things that can impede drainage. The first is accumulated debris. Leaves, trash, and other detritus can clog up the gravel below, making drainage difficult. Second, sometimes the gravel itself can be a problem and may need to be replaced. Third, there may not be enough gravel or drainage, and you may need to dig a little deeper to accommodate the water you’re getting.

Install a Window Well Drain

If going without a drain for your window well is proving insufficient, it may be best to just install one, especially if you’re receiving large amounts of rain, and passive drainage won’t cut it. This is probably the most invasive option available, but depending on how much water you’re dealing with, it may be one of the few that will cut it.

Use a Window Well Cover

Lastly, you can circumvent a lot of these problems (and the need for the above solutions) by installing a plastic window well cover or a polycarbonate window well cover. By preventing water from accumulating in the well, you eliminate basement window well leakage and ensure that your basement is water-damage free.
To learn more about plastic and polycarbonate window well covers, and how they can help keep your basement window wells from leaking, contact the experts at Mountainland Covers.