What are EGRESS Window Well Covers?


You may have heard the term “egress” when talking about window wells and wondered what exactly it is. Generally speaking, egress window well covers would be the same thing as any other window well cover. An egress window is one that is simply large enough to get out of in case of emergency. The word egress actually means “the action of going out of or leaving a place.” So, an egress window well is one that you can leave or go out of. Most cities will have code for business and residential egress windows to ensure proper safety is in place. For example, window well covers in Colorado have different regulations from Colorado. In many new homes now-a-days, the basement windows will fit this code and be accessible so that you can get out quick if you need to. In a lot of instances, window well ladders are also a requirement of the safety code.
So, what does this mean for you? Should you look for egress window well covers or just any window well cover? The products you find aren’t different because of window size. If you find a product labeled “steel egress window well cover”, it will likely be the same as another product labeled “steel window well cover.” There are no guidelines or code in place to allow for different labeling. It’s simply a matter of what the manufacturer chooses to call it. Since “egress window well covers” and “window well covers” have no set standards, it really comes down to the product itself, who makes it, how it’s made, and what you need.
In older homes you will see different sizes of window wells. Some are very small, only a few feet square, or don’t extend below ground level. Depending on where these types of windows are located, there may be no need to find a cover for them. With most new construction now, you won’t find windows like this as often. In building new homes with basements, most people are either required to have full sized windows with wells that extend below ground or choose to have full sized windows that extend below ground because they let in much more light and generally look better, adding more value to the home.
So, as far as what you should look for when finding the right covers, the labeling doesn’t matter. Go with something that will be sturdy, fit properly, look great and last a lifetime. Checkout egress window well covers from Mountainland Covers to get what you need for your home or office and have the peace of mind that you’re protected with the best!