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If you have a home with a basement, then chances are pretty good that you have window wells outside of your basement windows. At Mountainland Window Well Covers of Colorado, we want to help you keep your home and family safe by covering those open holes surrounding your home! Our custom window well covers in both steel and polycarbonate provide you the peace of mind to know your wells are covered and look great. Contact Mountainland Window Well Covers of Colorado for your custom covers today!

Custom Covers Starting at $359

The only truly custom cover

Why Custom

Although all window wells start out in several standard sizes, they never end up that same size and shape when house construction is complete. This leaves only two options when buying a window well cover. Either you buy a custom-built cover that fits, or you buy an oversized cover that doesn’t fit. Mountainland custom-built window well covers are the best-looking covers on the market bar none.

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Unrivaled quality on each individual window well cover

Quality Matters

What constitutes a quality window well cover? First, a cover that fits properly. Next, a cover made with high grade materials that will last. Finally, a company willing to stand by their product. At Mountainland we know our covers are the best built covers on the market which is why we offer a lifetime structural guarantee on every cover we build.

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Streamlined order and build process

Hassle-free! You order. We measure. We install.

Pick a style you like and choose the accessories you need and let us do the rest! When you order from Mountainland, we do all the heavy lifting. We send our technicians to your home to measure your window wells for you to ensure a perfect fit and we send them back to install your custom covers.

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Custom Window Well Covers

Custom polycarbonate window well cover

Our custom polycarbonate window well cover features a clear polycarbonate top and held together with a tough aluminum frame. Aside from being one of the safest well covers, The custom polycarbonate window well cover is able to fit snuggly on any window well.

Custom steel window well cover

Mountainland’s Custom Steel Window Well Covers of Colorado do a great job of keeping out debris, leaves, toys, and animals while still allowing air flow and moderate sunlight into your basement windows. The steel diamond pattern and steel frame are cut and and welded to fit each of your window wells snugly.

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Keep Your Kids Safe

One of the most frequent (and saddest) calls we get is from distraught parents because one of their children fell into a window well. Sometimes it’s pets. Other times it’s a visitor. Before anyone breaks any bones or needs any stitches, get great looking window well covers in Colorado! We make it easy to stay safe.

Keep The Water Out

Our solid polycarbonate window well covers will direct water away from your wells rather than letting it pour in.

Good, strong basement window well covers are a great way to keep unwanted guests out of your home.

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Great job! Didn’t have to be home for the measurements or install. I would definitely recommend this company.


Everything was great and a seamless experience. I didn’t have to be there for measuring or install and the cover fits perfect. Very fair price as well. I would recommend to anyone. Just need to have the expectation that from measure to install was 5 weeks for me, but that’s what they said it would be (4-6 weeks). I called in for an update at one point and they got right back to me with answers on progress. Solid job on all points of contact.

Sam Saslow

This was seriously the easiest, least invasive, home improvement project I’ve ever done. We needed a cover for one of our egress windows so I called their office to get the process started. The lady on the phone was very nice and explained my options. After picking which one I wanted, they just ran with it. I wasn’t required to be home for any of it which was nice. They stayed in touch mostly through text (which was SO nice and easy). They came when they said they would and the cover looks great. I couldn’t have asked for an easier process.

Kati Eyser