Why Mountainland Covers

Hassle free with a streamlined order and build process

Truly Hassle Free

At Mountainland Window Well Covers our owners abhor unnecessary hassle in life.  That is why at Mountainland we have worked diligently to remove all the usual hassles from the old standard window well cover buying process.


What Size?

Traditionally, if you wanted a window well cover the first question you would be asked was, “Ok what are your measurements?”  At this point, buying feels like a chore.  Wait I have to go measure my own window wells?  What if I measure the wrong part?  What if my measurements are off?  Of course, the old answers to these questions were a dismissive, “not my problem.”


How Much?

The next hassle was pricing.  Some companies still will not give you pricing until they come to your house for an ‘estimate’.  What exactly they are estimating is unclear.  Are they estimating cover cost or how much profit they can squeeze out of each customer?  Other companies will charge you different prices depending on the size of your window well.  This is unnecessarily complicated and confusing.  At Wasatch our answer is different.  One price, any size and we measure for you.  You can order on your first phone call or first visit to our website and be confident you’re getting the best deal available.


Let Us Earn Your Business

Buying window well covers doesn’t have to be such a hassle.  Let us handle the complicated stuff you just pick the style of cover you like best and whatever accessories you need.  We’ll do the rest!

EZ Lift
Safe and secure window well covers

Great job! Didn’t have to be home for the measurements or install. I would definitely recommend this company.


Everything was great and a seamless experience. I didn’t have to be there for measuring or install and the cover fits perfect. Very fair price as well. I would recommend to anyone. Just need to have the expectation that from measure to install was 5 weeks for me, but that’s what they said it would be (4-6 weeks). I called in for an update at one point and they got right back to me with answers on progress. Solid job on all points of contact.

Sam Saslow

This was seriously the easiest, least invasive, home improvement project I’ve ever done. We needed a cover for one of our egress windows so I called their office to get the process started. The lady on the phone was very nice and explained my options. After picking which one I wanted, they just ran with it. I wasn’t required to be home for any of it which was nice. They stayed in touch mostly through text (which was SO nice and easy). They came when they said they would and the cover looks great. I couldn’t have asked for an easier process.

Kati Eyser